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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Intimacy With God

J. Oswald Sanders said, 'Right now, at this moment, you are as close to God as you chose to be.' Bold statement don't you think?
As this thought unfolds in the next few days for you I will edit this article daily and we'll discuss our relationship with God. It is my prayer that we will both learn how to become more intimate with God. Please, don't miss a word because it may be something the Lord has been trying to teach you for a long time.
Rev. Jerry


Friday, June 29, 2007


Jesus set the example for our faith in prayer in John 11:41. He said BEFORE He commanded Lazarus to rise from the dead, 'Father, I thank you that You have heard Me.'

In Mark 6:41 He took the bread and fish and thanked God for multiplying them BEFORE it happened!

Without 'Positive Confession' our relationship with God suffers. Sense knowledge can't understand the things of God. But we need to remember as believers we need to be sure of our spiritual authority and then make bold, definite statements of what God is about to do. When life's troubles overwhelm us do we go before God in prayer and moan and plead with God and then wonder why God has let us down? Maybe it's because our minds and our attitudes are focused on the problems instead of the Solution. God IS the solution. Positive confession sees God as the answer before the answer even comes! Faith is not a passive word but an action word!! Faith or a positive confession in prayer adds power to our conversations with God. It adds results. We also have authority to speak for Jesus. You don't believe this?

Mark 3:14, Jesus gave men authority to drive out demons.

Luke 9:11 , Jesus gave men authority to cure diseases.

Mark 6:7, Jesus gave men authority over evil spirits.

Romans 13:1 Paul wrote, 'for there is no authority except that which God has established.'

When we speak, pray, testify or witness we speak on God's behalf. If we do this without authority we do so without substance or power and we don't present God truthfully.

God doesn't want weak servants but those that are filled with the power of the the Holy Spirit. To read the Word and believe that this authority was only given to those that lived in Jesus' time is to dilute our faith with excuses so that our poor testimonies have some merit. The bible says we should 'GO BOLDLY BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD'. The time has come to step over the threshold and take a leap of faith! God gave us the power of choice. Choose wisely.



Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just a short article this morning. In Hebrew 'bread' was considered the staff of their lives. A staff was used to herd sheep. You could use the staff to move the sheep in whatever direction you needed and while they watched their sheep they would lean on their staff. It supported them in many ways this stick or staff as it was called.
Jesus is often called the Bread of life in the bible. He used bread at the last supper and told them this was His body. There are many illustrations I could give about bread from the bible. But consider this: If Jesus is the bread of life then he wants us to lean on Him when we are burdened, when we are tired, when life seems to be pressing down upon us and when we just don't think we can go on. He will hold us up. Today, if you are going through a valley close your eyes and ask the Lord to lift you up. He knows your every thought, every tear and every sorrow. He cares for you. He WANTS to help. A noted preacher from the 19th century, Smith Wiggleworth had a powerful message. He was God's humble servant and thousands came to Christ through his ministry. What was his secret? It was two simple words. Smith told people, 'Only Believe'. All Jesus wants from you today is to believe. Do you believe that He died on the cross for your sins? Do you believe that He rose on the third day? Do you believe that you can call on Him and lean on Him right now. If so, rejoice because your name is written in the Book OF Life! You are His cherished child! Never forget this fact.
Rev. Jerry


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prayer That Changes Lives

Most of us go through a period in our walk with God when we don't think He is there. We cry out and pray and it seems as though our words echo off the walls. Friends, you are not alone when this happens. This is when Jesus is closest. He hears your hearts cry and if you will allow Him He will wrap His arms around you and forgive you if you will only ask and surrender to His will for you. We live in a dark cold world and no one cares for us like Jesus. He loves you just as He loved the Roman Soldiers that drove the spikes into His hands and feet. This is a great and powerful love that can see you through any trial that comes your way. Just ask. He IS there.
Rev. Jerry

Monday, June 25, 2007

Faith Re-discovered

My friends, we live in a world that threatens to break down the very fabric of morality because we have lost the first love that was ordained from the beginning of time. God walked with man in the cool of the morning in the garden until man chose to violate a simple command, 'Don't eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil!!' But we CAN return to the intimate relationship we once had with our Creator. Read more tomorrow as The story develops and discover a simple truth that has been known but forgotten.

Rev. Jerry
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